PDGA:n hallituksen vaali

Heinäkuun aikana järjestetään PDGA:n hallituksen vaali, jossa jokaisella PDGA:n jäsenellä on äänioikeus. PDGA:n jäsenenä sinulle on tullut sähköpostiviesti, josta löydät henkilökohtaisen linkin äänestykseen.

Vaalissa valitaan kolme jäsentä PDGA:n hallitukseen vapautuville paikoille. Ensimmäistä kertaa ehdokkaana on myös eurooppalainen, Hollannin PDGA-maakoordinaattori ja EuroTourin koordinaattori Hans Nagtegaal.

Hans lähettää terveisiä suomalaisille ja kaikille eurooppalaisille äänestäjille:

With disc golf growing rapidly in Europe, at an ever-increasing rate both in PDGA membership (3500+ current members as of June 1st 2015, which is close to 20% of global membership), and PDGA tour events (321 in 2014, and already 280+ events on the 2015 calendar), it is very important that the PDGA, as the global organisation, has a European voice on their Board of Directors.

This means that the PDGA Board, for the first time, will have someone with a truly European background and perspective among its Directors, to facilitate policy making that all PDGA members, USA and international, can benefit from.

Moreover, it will give a signal to both the USA that the sport is truly getting global, and provide Europe with some much-needed representation; where Europeans may have shown apathy in previous elections, they can now vote for “one of their own”.

Having been unanimously elected PDGA EuroTour Manager by the PDGA Europe Country Coordinators, I am already representing the European players and countries. It is logical then, that I also should aim to represent them at the highest level.

I would greatly appreciate your vote, whether you live in Europe, USA, Canada or another part of the world, and I will strive to make your vote count, as PDGA moves disc golf forward on a global basis.

Hans Nagtegaal
PDGA # 44969
PDGA Europe – EuroTour Manager


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